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Friday, April 2, 2010

An update…

Hello, everyone!  I know we’re pretty much done here, and on to bigger and better blogs, but I wanted to share a couple updates. 

Video updates, actually. 

Click here to check out a professional documentary about our experience.  It was produced for a Catalan television program, a series of documentaries about the region’s cuisine.  It’s mainly in Spanish, but some parts (the parts staring yours truly) are in English.

Click here to see a series of videos published by the Culinary Institute of America.   There’s ten in all, and each one is a fantastic illustration of Catalonia, and our adventures there.  The fifth one in the series, the one titled ‘Intern Experience’, is one I think you should most definitely check out! 

Hope you enjoy them! 

- Kate

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kate!

    Your experiences sound so AWESOME!
    I am a student in biology and drama at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

    I am applying for a Fulbright in Spain and I am trying to secure an affiliation/host/advisor at the Alicia Foundation for an independent project that I write (which will hopefully be sponsored by the US government in conjunction with Spain!)

    Is there anyone you can recommend to me at the Alicia Foundation who'd be willing to discuss the possibility of hosting or advising my project (a study about the the use of science to make meal-time a theatrical experience)?

    Best Wishes,


    p.s. You can reach me at apoonawa@andrew.cmu.edu or at my blog www.aliapoonawala.blogspot.com